decimals and fractions and percents

decimals and fraction

both decimals and fractions are only a part of a whole number. fractions are different than decimals because decimals are always something out of ten or hundred or thousand etc. however fractions can be a part of any number like 3/5 or 7/8. A decimal would look like this 1.5. you can change fractions into decimals. for example if you had the fraction 6/10 you could change it into 0.6 because it is six out of ten parts. the decimal 0.6 is also equivalent to 0.60 and 60/100. many fraction s are equivalent like 3/5 5x2=10 and 3x2=6 so 3/5 is equal to 6/10. you can also have improper fractions like 12/4 which would be 3.


a percent is a part of a 100. it looks like this 70%. 50% percent is equal to 5/10 and 0.5.

with fractions, decimals and percents you can be very precise and exact